Video Shoots & Editing

  • Offsite HD & 4k video shoots.
  • Drone aerial videos.
  • 360 interactive videos.
  • Video concept development.
  • Post production video editing.
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  • Offsite HD & 4k Video Shoots

    Vivid Candi can travel to your desired location and shoot amazing quality HD and 4k video footage. Our videographers come fully equip with some of the latest HD and 4k cameras. Our video crew is a great choice for tv commercials, corporate videos, real estate videos, viral videos and web videos. We have a wide variety of experience that will give your video production the advantage.

    Drone Aerial Videos

    For WOW FACTOR footage our agency can arrange aerial drone video shoots with expert pilots. Drone videos are great for location shots that capture attention. Contact us today to discuss your drone video shoot.

    360 Interactive Videos

    Camera Technology has come a long way and now we have the ability to shoot fully interactive 360 videos using special cameras equipped with 4 HD cameras and special lenses which together output and compile a interactive 360 video that allows users to look any direction while the video plays as if they are in the scene.

  • Video Concept Development

    Our creative team has decades of experience producing some of the best concepts for video productions. We can help a client brainstorm, research, develop and even storyboard a video concept.

    Post Production Video Editing

    Our agency can edit corporate videos, viral videos, tv commercials and more using the latest cutting edge software including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Motion and more. We'll be happy to assist you in the process of editing your video and getting to a final version.

    GoPro Videos

    Our agency can shoot video as if you are right there in the action using GoPro videos. We can attach GoPro's to just about any object to get amazing and unique video footage.