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  • Influencer & Co-Op marketing.
  • Content curation & development.
  • Strategy development & test marketing.
  • 19+ years in business. 7,500+ Clients.
  • Diseño web corporativo para una S.A.
    B Riley & Co
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    Diseño personalizado UI/UX para el sector financiero

    Desarrollo y mantenimiento de 3 sitios web

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  • Mercadotecnia de servicio completo en la industria musical
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    Generar más de 1 millón de vistas en videos musicales en YouTube

    Marketing digital de servicio completo

    Gestión de Instagram, enlace influencer y más

  • Cliente de más de 9 años / Diseño de mercadotecnia de restaurante
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    Desarrollo web personalizado de restaurante

    Diseño personalizado UI/UX de menú

    Sistema de recompensas personalizado

  • Mercadotecnia automotriz de servicio completo
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    Estrategia y presupuesto mensual personalizado

    Redes sociales, SEO, PPC, influencers, videos virales y más

    Producción de video personalizada

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  • Social Content & Strategy Development

    Vivid Candi takes our clients’ brands and visions into careful consideration. This allows our expert team to create a powerful social media presence for your business or yourself. Through collaboration with our clients, we develop a strategic plan based on their unique social media goals. We align these goals, review top competitors, and implement an innovative plan that will bring their brand's message to life. We understand that the core of social media is all about building relationships between a brand and its consumers, in an active environment that changes daily. This knowledge makes allows us to be capable and equipped to develop both compelling and well-branded content that will deliver a clear, powerful, and consistent message to your social media audience.

    In social media, the quality of content is key. Vivid Candi relies on their in-house graphic designers, web designers, and SEO specialists to ensure that the highest quality content is created for our clients. This practice sets us apart from other social media agencies and allows us to assist clients with all of their social media objectives, without having to outsource any of the work. We provide a 360-degree approach to all of our jobs that allows you to avoid hiring multiple services providers. This is the most time-efficient and cost-efficient solution for all parties involved.

    Facebook Social Media Marketing

    Facebook is the "Google" of social media, and for many of our clients, it is the core of their social media campaign and presence. Facebook allows digital marketers to leverage and target consumers by analyzing the demographic data provided by their user profiles and personal activity and engagement within Facebook. This is the current and future of direct marketing and it allows our expert social media team to pinpoint target markets when building an audience for businesses, brands, and individual Facebook pages.

    Twitter Social Media Marketing

    Twitter is about maintaining fresh and consistently flowing content. Vivid Candi recognizes and understands the importance of Twitter in building a digital presence. With your business goals in mind, we will develop a unique collaborative strategy that will engage your Twitter followers on a daily basis. This helps to build a strong brand image, familiarity, and popularity in your industry. We always keep in mind that the relationship between your brand image and your consumers includes all of your social media accounts, and Twitter is no exception.

  • Instagram Social Media Marketing

    Instagram is a unique platform that is all about brand image. Vivid Candi can market your business, brand, or personal Instagram account and assist in taking, posting, and/or procuring photos. We understand the important role that Instagram plays in the social media world and we strive to build our clients' presence and following through digital images and expert, analytic trend-watching.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn is a one-of-a-kind social media community that focuses on B2B, or “Business to Business," networking. LinkedIn offers powerful marketing opportunities for any business that markets and sells to other businesses through affordable paid “connections.” Vivid Candi can help you plan your “connection” investments wisely by marketing to the correct target market the first time. We are here to build and launch a LinkedIn campaign that meets your digital marketing needs. In addition, we are capable of engaging with and joining target groups on LinkedIn. This is a practice that builds organic likes and business leads for your company.

    Snapchat Social Media Marketing

    Snapchat is a social media application that creates a unique and intimate relationship with a brand's followers, as it demands their undivided attention since they only have a few seconds to see your messages before they disappear. Our expert social media team is equipped and capable of developing an attention-grabbing Snapchat strategy that is based on your individual social media marketing goals.

    Social Photography & Videography

    Vivid Candi understands the importance of providing fresh and original images on social media. In fact, data proves that content paired with photos & videos is what a social media audience will pay the most attention to. We offer great value to our clients by assisting in the addition of photo and video media content when a client is unable to provide a constant image library to our team on a regular basis. We offer photography services from smartphones and tablet devices, which powerfully improves organic presence, as well as professional grade photos and videos. Our in-house expert video editors can surely add that extra "wow" factor to your social media videos.